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In everything we do, animals are at the centre of things

Bringing animal handling experiences to people everywhere



Established for over 20 years, we are the UK's number 1 animal handling experience company and we work with you wherever you are.  We have a national network of rangers and an 'animal team' that are on hand to help schools, companies, organisations and care homes to bring people closer to nature, and stimulate an interest in science, nature and learning.  

An animal handling experience – whatever the setting

Domesticated Rabbits

Our work in schools is highly curriculum-driven, delivering educational experiences across all subjects and explaining the concepts of science in ways that children can see and touch. In companies, we work with our animal colleagues to do everything from helping to explain organisational change to delivering training sessions and client events. In care home and hospice settings, we harness the power of animal therapy to make people's lives better in measurable ways, often in the most difficult circumstances.

Putting animals at the centre of things

Cane Toad

At ZooLab we are all about working with animals to amaze, educate, inspire – and reach defined goals. In everything we do, animals are at the centre of things.  As rangers, we live with and care for our animals at home: they are not items to be put away in a box, but are part of our lives.  We want our animals to be part of other people's lives too.

ZooLab for everyone

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