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The spirit of adventure – be wild at heart
The spirit of adventure – be wild at heart

Children are naturally curious about the world – and we adults should be too!  At ZooLab, we and our animals are on a mission to get children and adults alike to see the natural world in new ways – ways that will amaze, educate and inspire.  That's why some of our rangers are currently on a tour of duty in the Caribbean. 

 This September sees a large contingent of ZooLab rangers out in Trinidad as part of their continuing professional development.  It's a voyage of discovery/re-discovery for all of them; as a lifelong learning company, we are all about that.  Our ranger presenters are constantly refreshing their knowledge, reflecting on their own practice and deepening their understanding of the natural world so they can share it with others.  Take a look at some of the great places we are visiting and the experiences we will be sharing with pupils in schools, who are learning about rainforests and biodiversity as part of the curriculum for science.  Here are the first of our Top 5 wild destinations:


No. 5 - Maracas falls 

The rangers will hike through the rainforest to the highest waterfall in Trinidad, encountering a wide diversity of animal, bird and fish species along the way. The journey to the waterfall is an uphill walk along a very wide track, lined on both sides by Balata trees. The waterfall is a little over 91.5m in height and is situated in cool, beautiful surroundings.


No.4 - Nariva Swamp

The rangers will travel down Nariva Swamp, the largest freshwater wetland in Trinidad and Tobago (over 60 sq. Km). Designated a Wetland of International Importance, the swamp is home to over 50 different species of mammals including the West Indian Manatee!

 Take a look at our Facebook page to see more places that the rangers are visiting – and to tell us of your own experiences of the natural world, whether in Trinidad, the UK or anywhere in the world!



  • The spirit of adventure – be wild at heart

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