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How business can learn from the natural world
How business can learn from the natural world

Today's business world can be a real jungle: there's competition everywhere and businesses need to be fleet of foot if they are to survive and flourish.

The natural world can teach businesses of all shapes and sizes a good deal about all this: from leadership and motivation; to creativity; assertiveness training, presentation skills; organisation in the workplace; team working; training; managing a team and management styles; process improvement and lean management; and change management.  Animals have done it all!

That's why over the past few weeks we have been delivering workshops in places ranging from the luxury Crieff Hydro Hotel in Perthshire to Zone Digital, a leading digital agency, in London and Bristol.  It's involved ZooLab rangers and their animal team members - who include everything from tree frogs to snakes and bearded dragons - visiting staff and their customers all over the country.

 Bringing people together – and adding to customer experience

Animals can help businesses to connect with their staff and customers on a much more personal level.  Whatever the business, animal-handling sessions can bring staff and customers together in new ways: they bring people face-to-face with something unusual and call for co-operation and interaction. That is why, at ZooLab, we work in tourism and visitor venues, adding to visitor experiences for guests and staff alike.  In corporate settings, we work with staff and customers and business partners to deliver workshops that get people involved in a business. 

 Animals can 'break the ice' and provide focus

As an entertainment, animal-handling experiences are great 'icebreakers' or can simply be an ongoing attraction throughout an event. Even company meetings can be enlivened by them – providing some welcome relief and entertainment at conferences, company AGMs, staff and shareholder meetings. 

Animals also add in a huge element of fun and enjoyment to staff away days and events for children.  Children can be kept entertained during company away days or at any venue where children are present.

To find out more about how ZooLab animal-handling experiences can help business, please take a look at our website at www.zoolabuk.com or call us on etc.  P.S. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook

  • How business can learn from the natural world

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