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Raising funds for Mankwe Wildlife Reserve!
Raising funds for Mankwe Wildlife Reserve!

We are raising £10,000 to help protect the rhino at Mankwe Wildlife Reserve in South Africa!

Rhino numbers across the world are falling dramatically, a big part of this is due to poaching. Our Zoolab expedition team had the privilege of spending a week with Lynne MacTavish and her team at Mankwe Wildlife Reserve, who welcomed us onto the reserve to spend time with their rhino. The team here work relentlessly to protect this beautiful species from danger.

In the link below, Lynne looks back to 2014, when her worst nightmare became a reality.

Please note: this video contains content that some viewers may find upsetting.


Please donate whatever you can to contribute towards the protection of rhino at Mankwe. The money raised over the next 12 months will be used to increase and better equip the Anti-Poaching Unit, provide petrol for the patrol vehicles, improve the infrastructure and security of the reserve and allow investment in specialised technology to enable closer monitoring of the rhino.

All funds raised will go directly to Mankwe Wildlife Reserve.

Under 16's: Please ask the bill payer for permission.

  • Raising funds for Mankwe Wildlife Reserve!

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