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Improve Mental Well Being With Animal Assisted Therapy

With mental health problems affecting around 1 in 10 children and young people, there has never been a more urgent time to make emotional wellbeing education just as important physical health.


Only very recently, the NSPCC – a leading children’s charity – cited evidence that nearly 19,000 children were admitted to hospital after harming themselves last year. That’s a 14% rise over three years and a very poor reflection on how we’re preparing our young people for the modern world.


We have long been advocates of animal therapy and its  impact on our wellbeing. We see first hand the difference our animals make within a variety of different settings. However don’t take our word for it, learn more about the benefits of animal assisted therapy here.


Creating a safe environment, ZooLab’s animal team offers an escape from the outside world. Full of personal interaction and positive reinforcement, everyone gets the chance to get up close to a range of fantastic exotic creatures. Benefits include:


  • Physical

Interaction with ZooLab reduces blood pressure, provides tactile stimulation, assists with pain management gives motivation to move and stimulates the senses.


  • Social

A ZooLab workshop provides a positive mutual topic for discussion, promotes greater self-esteem and well-being, and focused interaction with others.


  • Cognitive

ZooLab animals help stimulate memory, problem solving, increases focus and imagination.


  • Emotional

We know that animals Increase motivation, enhance self-esteem and increase pro-social behaviours.


  • Environmental

Animals in the classroom create a ‘real buzz’ and  lifts the mood. This continues long after ZooLab have left!


“Mental health is a serious issue in schools across the UK. We’ve had huge success with providing animal therapy sessions in other settings over the years and it is fantastic to see schools now bringing in animals to help pupils destress.”


Diane Mathison, ZooLab Managing Director


To find out more about how our animal assisted therapy sessions can help your school, call us on 0845 330 6322 or email info@zoolabuk.com


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