Improving lives through animal therapy

PRUs and Special Needs

Animals are a great way of engaging young people – particularly those with behavioural and/or learning difficulties.  Our approach is very much one-to-one and is always based on detailed background information from teachers to ensure that each pupil gets a highly differentiated learning experience.

Each child is encouraged to interact on their own level with the ZooLab ranger. It's all about positive reinforcement, with feedback from the ranger at all times, as part of stimulating and exciting workshops and individual learning experiences. 

Introduction to ZooLab SEN Programme

Cane ToadAt ZooLab, we take great pride in the fact that we provide stimulating and exciting workshops for a variety of children and adults with special needs. 

We have a range of workshops designed to ensure that every participant is included in our sessions. 

At ZooLab, we are experts in adapting quickly to the diverse requirements of special needs.  

We work with teachers, carers and classroom assistants to provide highly differentiated learning experiences that enthuse participants of all ages and abilities

Whether it is senses and textures, or minibeasts, we are happy only with one learning experience for participants – the best learning experience

See what our clients say

West Lothian Behaviour Support, EH47

 ‘Excellent as always! Very informative. Anthony was great with pupils. Always a pleasure to see them getting so much out of it.’

Meadowview Learning Centre, PR6

 “Really informative session! The Ranger was fantastic and understood the needs of the children. Enjoyed by all staff and pupils!”

Cuckmere House School, Seaford BN25

“Great sessions. All students engaged well, content varied to fit the different ages and levels of calmness.”


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