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ZooLab are safe!

Rest assured that Zoolab are safe in your company or organisation, but don't take our word for it - we have the papers to prove it!

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From April 1st 2019, anyone exhibiting animals in England should hold an Animal Activities Licence.


ZooLab are proud to have a team of fully licensed professionals delivering high quality presentations. You can be assured that the Educational Presenter visiting you will hold an individual Animal Activities Licence (where applicable) which represents the highest levels of animal welfare and care.

Classroom Risk Assessment Junkfood Risk Assessment

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy

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ZooLab is Coming Posters

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Birthday Party Invites

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Performing Animals Certificate Public Liability

Parent Guardian Letter

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Minibeast Resources

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Anti Bullying Poster

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Anti-Bullying Presentation

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Anti-Bullying Presentation

ZooLab Well Done Certificate

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