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Here at ZooLab we are EXPERTS at helping you achieve outcomes in Animals, including Humans! This unit is a great chance to develop scientific knowledge, an understanding of the natural world and the processes of science through different types of scientific enquiry. It also makes sure pupils are equipped with the scientific knowledge required to understand the uses and implications of science today and in the future. We have picked out 5 ZooLab workshops that will help ensure you hit those outcomes and tick those all-important boxes!   1) Minibeasts Our Minibeasts workshop is perfect for hitting Year One outcomes! We look at the structure of our ZooLab animal team: what do they have inside them? how are our bodies like and unlike theirs? how can we use this to group animals and why? Children get a fun introduction to invertebrates and classification - they question, investigate and learn about scientific discovery, guided by their own expert ZooLab ranger. Pupils learn about food habits. Did you know that cockroaches eat almost everything - even things like dead animals and bat poo (yuck!)? Our minibeast workshop is an experience that makes scientific discovery real and terminology come alive - from vertebrates (represented by one of our snakes) and invertebrates, arthropods and myriapods, molluscs, crustaceans and arachnids!   2) Wriggle and Crawl Roadshow Hitting outcomes doesn’t need to mean sitting still! Our Wriggle and Crawl Roadshow helps meet outcomes in Year 1 and 2 by teaching children all about animals through movement! Pupils learn about how different animals move, is it the same as us humans? Children discover things as wide-ranging as how millipedes protect themselves from predators and how snakes sleep. They even get into groups to act out life as a tarantula (with its 8 legs)! This workshop is designed to stimulate engagement and questions as children extend knowledge and understanding through fun ac...

Bell Pettigrew Museum, KY16

“An excellent presentation! Much enjoyed by the audience of all ages!”

Scott Miller, Parent, Falkirk FK3

‘Ross was very informative and engaged well with the children. My son was particularly happy with the show! All the kids loved it! Would highly recommend.’

West Lothian Behaviour Support, EH47

 ‘Excellent as always! Very informative. Anthony was great with pupils. Always a pleasure to see them getting so much out of it.’

Meadowview Learning Centre, PR6

 “Really informative session! The Ranger was fantastic and understood the needs of the children. Enjoyed by all staff and pupils!”

Cuckmere House School, Seaford BN25

“Great sessions. All students engaged well, content varied to fit the different ages and levels of calmness.”

Brynhyfryd Library, Swansea SA1

 “Brilliant. The presenter gave all the children so much information about the animals and they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves.”

Perton Library, Wolverhampton WV6

 “Excellent, very informative and well presented. Session leader very knowledgeable and presented the session in an excellent, professional manner. Very well received by adults and children.”

Sunderland Road Library, Gateshead NE8

 “Excellent, informative session. The presenter had a good rapport with the children and demonstrated a wide knowledge of her animals and their habitat. She even promoted the reading scheme for us too.”

Giggles of Lytham Day Nursery, FY8

Peter was very friendly towards the children making them very attentive. They really enjoyed the experience as did the staff. Many thanks! 

Balloch Library, Balloch G82

“Wow! The Ranger was fantastic. Great fun, entertaining and really knowledgeable. Thanks.”

Stepping Stones Pre School, CB6

Another great visit! The children loved it. Chris is fab and the animals are too!

Bonbons Private Day Nursery, Bradford BD13

 “Brilliant. The Ranger talked at children’s level of understanding, keeping children amazed for a whole hour. Also let us take our photos after with groups. Lots if information. Looking forward to next visit.”

Clifton Methodist Playgroup, S65

 ‘Thank you! We really enjoyed the ZooLab experience! The children were all interested and engaged with the story telling. Most of all, they loved the animals!’

Seabrook Day Nursery, Luton LU4

 “The children really enjoyed seeing all the animals. Answered all their questions in a calm and interesting way. Gave encouragement to those a little unsure. Thank you for a very interesting activity.”

Happy Days Nursery, Rayleigh SS6

 “A thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile experience which has been a great link with our topic. A great manner with the children and held their interest for over an hour.”

Belmont Nursery School, Londonderry BT48

“Brilliant. Very good rapport with both children and animals. The presenter made it fun and interesting. Many thanks.”

Boroughbridge Manor Care home, YO51

 ‘All of our residents got a lot of enjoyment from seeing and handling the animals. Excellent animal therapy session’

Newland House Care Home, OX28

 ‘Brilliant and very interesting. Great information and included all our residents. A very fun and different afternoon!’

Breadstone Nursing Home, GL13

Everyone really enjoyed the animal therapy session! We are really enjoyed the session and are looking forward to seeing you again!

Frogmore Daycare Centre, Yateley GU46

 “It was wonderful. Your Ranger got more out of the residents in one hour than is shown in one week. We would love to have you back.”

Barchester – Gorseway Lodge, PO11

 ‘Heather was fantastic! Very clear and informative. Everyone really enjoyed it.’

Shelbourne Lodge, High Wycombe HP11

 “Residents really enjoyed seeing the animals. Lots of response from residents who are normally quiet.”

Grosvenor Mews, Stockport SK14

 “The residents enjoyed the visit. It was a new experience and extremely beneficial for people who have dementia.”

The Old Deanery Residential Home, Braintree CM7

“Very therapeutic. Residents really enjoyed the afternoon.”

St Paul’s Nursing Home, Waddington LN5

 “Positive response from residents. Enjoyed interaction with the animals. Very different sort of activity from the norm – it mixes it up from the other entertainers.”

Bishop Barrington School, DL14

 “Fab activity! All pupils engaged and really enjoyed it. So did the staff! Really added depth to our Rainforest topic.”

The Deepings School, PE6

Excellent knowledge, very good with students, very engaging. Thanks! 

Parkhall Integrated College, BT41

 “Excellent! Fantastic knowledge! Sarah interacted fantastically with our pupils, they were engaged throughout. Brilliant! Thank you!”

Tredegar Comprehensive School, NP22

 “Excellent! All pupils were thoroughly engaged throughout the lesson. Will definitely book again!

Hurstmere Foundation School for Boys, DA15

 ‘Fantastic experience for students. Informative and well presented. Would highly recommend’.

Crosby High School, Liverpool L23

“This was a truly brilliant presentation. The pupils and staff were enthralled. The pupils were very excited and motivated and were really enthused about what they learned.”

Ealdham Primary School, SE9

  “A fantastic session! The children really enjoyed seeing the animals and learning about the Rainforest. We will definitely have you here again!”

Churchend Primary School, RG30

 ‘Thank you so much for a wonderful session on The Rainforest! Georgie was extremely knowledgeable and the children absolutely loved it. Fantastic to see/meet such a wide variety of animals!’

Skelton Primary School, YO30

 ‘Fantastic! We loved the opportunity to touch and see your animals. The children loved the information you gave and you answered their questions brilliantly’

Moorfield School, LS29

 ‘Amazingly enthusiastic Ranger – very knowledgeable. Children loved all the animals. Went above and beyond to show our nursery children some animals too. ‘

Warnham CofE Primary School, RH12

 ‘Thoroughly enjoyed all the animals. Excellent vocabulary for my class to use in their Geography and Literary lessons. Thank you!’

Capshard Primary School, KY2

‘Fantastic! Thoroughly enjoyed by the pupils. Excellent opportunity to handle animals! Thank you!

Rainbow Primary School, BD5

‘Children really enjoyed it! They were engaged from start to finish. Gemma was fantastic and gave loads of amazing information relating to the animals. Amazing!’

Oakhurst Primary School, SN25

 ‘Thank you so much for a fantastic session! Our children were absorbed and fascinated. It was a real pleasure to learn from you’

Mobberley Cof E Primary School

Very informative and enjoyable! Very relatable for the children. Would recommend and have again. Thank you so much!

Hilltop Primary School, ME2

‘Really enjoyable and very engaging. The children loved it and Emma was very funny!’

Warren Wood Community Primary School, ME1

‘Fantastic! Very engaging. Kids were very happy. Loved by all!’

Bankside Primary School, Leeds LS8

 “Fantastic! Brilliant with the children and very informative. Thank you.”

Macduff School, Macduff AB44

“Excellent pace and challenge, information supported well with insects and reptiles. Child friendly language and facts, non dependent on prior knowledge. Gave excellent starting point for follow up work.”

Getting a handle on animals is an education for everyone

Falkirk Herald – 26th February 2015 Children seem to have the most incredible interest in animals –a trait that begins when they are really young. From first words like ‘doggy’ and ‘woof woof’, a child’s charming fondness for and fascination with all things furry, fast and frightening never seems get old. This undisguisable joy on their faces at the sight of anything with eight legs, a shell or a slimey residue is something the animal-handling team from Zoolab know well. The Grangemouth-based company has been delivering its innovative, educational and fun animal programme to schools from Lands’ End to John O’Groats for 20 years. Bringing out boxes containing tarantulas, millipedes, snakes, snails and cockroaches creates a room full of ‘ohs’ and ‘ahs’, a lot of squirming ... and a lot of giggles. ZooLab presenters happily get down on the floor, allowing the children to handle the creatures, filling the gaps with fun and informative facts. The company’s aim is to bring animals right to the children, to educate them about the creatures all around us, and to teach them respect for the environment. Diane Mathison CEO of ZooLab said: “We always have new ideas, and we are now the UK leader in supplying animal handling to schools. “Our team members have to be passionate and they have to be good with the children. “We are going to excite and stimulate the children, so they have to be able to deal with the children on all levels. “We have baby, pre-school classes, a sensory workshop, a pre-school programme and a primary programme with mini beasts and a Darwin evolution programme. “It’s all relevant to the schools because the topics are taken from the curriculum.” Zoolab began in 1996, Previously Diane and her now ex-husband ran pet shops and fish tank businesses in the Falkirk area. They branched o...

In everything we do, animals are at the centre of things

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