The Tudors



Let ZooLab and our animal team transport your class back to Tudor times and bring history alive! Dressed as a Tudor villager, our ZooLab ranger will cover the important topics and events of the Tudor era - from King Henry VIII and his six wives to Tudor diseases, medicine, education and much, much more! Not only that, your pupils will also get the chance to see, touch and handle our ZooLab animals, which will help them to understand the topic in more depth as well as being a talking point in your school for years to come!​ Click here to watch our video! .


Charles Darwin – The Voyage of The Beagle


Follow Charles Darwin as he travels from coast to coast. This fantastic new show from ZooLab invites learners to hear all about Charles Darwin's expedition, which lasted nearly 5 years. From England, to South America, then to New Zealand, Australia, and finally Africa – Darwin saw it all during his time on the HMS Beagle. Throughout this incredible workshop our experienced ZooLab rangers will take your classroom around the world and introduce them to some of our extraordinary animals, similar to species Darwin himself saw and recorded. Touching on evolution and adaptations - this workshop is a fun and exciting chance to learn all about the Voyage; which inspired Darwin and his theories. Click here to book. 

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